January 2016

Design Expo @Step Institute of Art & Design

Step institute of Art and Design organize an Design Expo  of Fashion Design, Textile Desstepign, Graphic Media Design and Interior Architecture Design on 16 Jan 2016. Expo remained open for two days. Student of institute have done an excellent job.and their effort can be seen easily.

Institute of Art, Design & Management is a project of STEP established under guidance & accreditation of several reputed British awarding bodies and group of British qualified professionals and educationists; including London Board (Edexcel) UK and Warnborough College Ireland to promote internationally recognized British vocational & professional qualifications for the first time in Pakistan.

Various programs offered at IADM include Vocational A Level in Business, Bachelors in Business & Management, PGD in Management, Vocational A Level in Art & Design, Bachelors in Fashion Design & Management, Bachelors in Interior Design & Management, Bachelors in Textiles Design & Management, Bachelors in Graphic Design & Management.

STEP English Language Faculty offers English Plus, IELTS Preparatory Courses and Business Communication Program

Here are some glimpse of  Design Expo by Hasman Photography










International Film Festival – Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop

For film enthusiast in Pakistan, the InternationalFilm Festival in September this year would bean event worth cheers and celebrations. The event promises the showing of a whole range of films, documentaries, short films and feature films to attractthemass of fanatic fans of arts and liberal arts.

Before moving here in 2012, Rafi-Peer Theater Workshop (RPTW), the iconic name in holding festivals in the field of Dance, Drama, Music and Puppetry, had to its credit successfully hosting 37 international festivals since 1992.
The RPTW is a non-profit organization actively promoting culture and arts both at home and abroad for over thirty-five years. Over 3.6 million people have attended these festivals to watch 26,000 performers from around 89 countries and Pakistan.

Since 2002 the festivals have been merged to form the “World Performing Arts Festivals” where all the different genres have been presented. Whilst over a thousand international performers have graced these occasions and enlightened the people with their artistic performances, it is Pakistani artistes that have received the greatest platforms to express themselves to the accolades of both the audience and the critics. Performing to packed halls and auditoriums they enthrall locals and visitors alike.

Cinema is another great medium of communication with the masses; most of the Peer Films productions have won awards at festivals in Toronto and Berlin.
Rafi Peer Theater Workshop’s aim is to promote the arts and culture at the grassroots level in all five provinces. Lately plans are being made to reach to the FATA agencies as well. Initiatives in this regard are television documentaries, puppet shows, theatre plays and music concerts. Festival such as the Sufi Music Festival and the World Performing Arts Festival help showcase our own culture to locals and foreign visitors alike. The audience is also exposed to performances from other cultures and regions.

These events promote culture at all levels that enlighten our society both in urban and rural areas. The World Performing Arts Festival pioneered by RPTW is now an internationally famed event. With its advent and the confidence it inspires, Pakistan has emerged on the cultural map of the world as a unique entity despite the difficult domestic situation after 9/11.

In the festivals organized by RPTW most of the films which are screened are the alternative films and not the budgeted blockbusters. These films show the diversity of form and content and expose the talent and the interest inherent and implicit. Since these films are not made for the box office, the range is not constricted by what the audiences want.

The International Film Festival will help recognize the growing independent cinema in Pakistan, which has produced movies on numerous thought-provoking ideas and received acclaim and appreciation.

With Lahore, the cultural heart of the country and cradle of its film industry, would be hosting the Festival, the endeavor is also aimed at revival of the film industry though in a new fashion to meet the growing needs of independent and vibrant media.

After screening of the films at the festival, arrangements are in place to take the festival to 10 best educational institutions in all the five provinces of the country to impress upon the new talent by introducing them to the best form of learning. This will also help to induce them to one of the best form of expression which had been a very rich and varied cultural heritage in which performing arts were very much part of life.

Some Glimpse of Chinese Dance from Lgs by Hasman Photography  @International Film Festival – Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop Day 2 – 20 Nov 2015

Some Glimpse of Chinese Dance from Lgs @International Film Festival - Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop Day2

Some Glimpse of Chinese Dance from Lgs @International Film Festival - Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop Day2

Some Glimpse of Chinese Dance from Lgs @International Film Festival - Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop Day2

Some Glimpse of Chinese Dance from Lgs @International Film Festival - Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop Day2


Some Glimpse of Kathak Dance form Hasman Photography  @International Film Festival – Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop Day2 – 20 Nov 2015

Kathak Dance

Kathak Dance


Kathak Dance

Kathak Dance

Rashk Perfoming @International Film Festival – Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop Day2- 20 Nov 2015

Band Rushk







First light -National Geographic

My first upload on National Geographic website got selected in an assignment named “First light”Photography

Author Kurt Mutchler(senior photo editor Nation Geographic) selected 19 favorites selected from more than a hundred include a wide range of people, places, cityscapes, landscapes, and wildlife, which reflects the diversity of the photographic interests of the Your Shot community. My Photograph was one of them.

Jim Richardson, a long-time National Geographic magazine photographer once said, “If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff!” He said it half jokingly, but there is truth to it. As this assignment may have taught you, light is important and can make a huge difference in your photography, but it does not transcend the subject matter. If you have a boring subject, you’ll make a boring picture. Everything has to line up just right—lighting, subject matter, and the capturing of the decisive moment—and that’s what makes photography so difficult.

If you can find a mentor whose photography you like, show them your pictures for feedback. And when you do, show them the entire take, not just your favorites. You can learn a lot by seeing how you shoot from one frame to the next. Sometimes a bad picture can teach you a lot. As I wrote in one of my comments, photography is like walking up a series of steps. In the beginning you improve quickly and take many steps, then you get to a point where you stay on the same level for a while until you have a breakthrough. This never ends.

He also had explained the reason that why he choose my picture3
Source:First Light

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